Quit Tea For 30 Days And See How Your Body Changes

By Bharati Kumari
2023-07-22,14:16 IST

Most people start their day with a cup of tea. But it is no secret that tea can be quite unhealthy. If you are planning to quit tea, here's what you can expect.

Lower Blood Sugar

After quitting sugar for 30 days, you may notice a drop in your blood sugar levels. People with hypertension can benefit from quitting tea.

Better Sleep

Tea contains caffeine that can interfere with your natural sleep cycle. Quitting tea may help you sleep better.

Weight Loss

You may lose a few kilos because quitting tea will naturally lower your daily sugar consumption.

Whiter Teeth

Caffeine in tea can erode the enamel armour of your teeth. Weaning away from tea may result in a whiter smile.

Side Effects

Just like there are some benefits of quitting tea, there are some side effects as well.


Tea withdrawal may leave you feeling sluggish and tiresome for some time. This is because tea acts as a nervous system stimulant.


For some people, quitting tea can affect their digestive system and make them constipated. However, you can fix this by increasing your fibre intake.


Quitting tea has some health benefits as well as side effects. It is better to reduce consumption gradually to prevent withdrawal symptoms.