7 Science-Backed Ways To Be Happy In Life

By Bharati Kumari
2023-07-22,13:22 IST

Happiness is nothing but a peace of mind. Here are science-backed ways to instantly feel happier in life.


Exercising can give you a rush of 'feel good' hormones. Working out or participating in physical activities has been linked with improved confidence and mood.

Sleep Routine

Set a sleeping schedule according to your body clock and stick to it. Getting plenty of sleep can improve physical as well as mental health.


Try to appreciate the positive little things in life. Express gratitude and acknowledge little gestures of love.

Nature Walking

Connecting with nature can help you ward off any negative feelings. Go for a nature walk and explore your surroundings.

Get off Social Media

Social media is harmful to mental as well as cognitive health. Additionally, filters and Photoshop can also trigger body dysmorphia.

Say no to procrastination

Procrastination and making excuses will always adversely impact your life quality. Being timely will reduce stress as you won't be juggling too many tasks.

Keep a journal

Write diary entries and maintain a journal to note small details of your life such as your mood, the highlight of your day and what made you happy today.


True happiness is the stability of the mind. However, if your mental health has been unmanageable, consider booking an appointment with a licensed therapist.