Want To Fall Asleep Quickly? Try These Amazing Hacks From All Across The Globe

By Bharati Kumari
2023-07-21,16:50 IST

A good sleep is essential for health. Here's what people from all over the world are doing to ensure a better sleep quality.

Foot Soak (China)

This is a Chinese traditional remedy for better sleep. Soak your feet in hot water and add ingredients like Epsom salt and essential oils.

Ashwagandha (India)

Ashwagandha is an Indian herb which offers many health benefits, including improvement in quality of sleep.

Sauna (Finland)

A relaxing sauna bath before bed can definitely help you sleep better. It relaxes muscles as well as the mind.

Hammock (South America)

In South America, it is common to sleep on a swinging hammock-like bed. It can shorten the time of falling asleep.

Chamomile Tea (Great Britain)

Chamomile tea contains a chemical called apigenin, which can help you fall asleep in no time. It has also been used to combat sleep disorders.


You can try these sleep hacks to promote better sleep. Additionally, you should improve your diet and lifestyle as they directly impact your sleep quality.